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  • How do a I add my Child?

    Create an account using the email known to your childs school and you will automatically linked or offered a to link to those children.

  • Can I see future lunch orders?

    You can by clicking on the child and the menu into the future will appear.

  • How to upload money to the app?

    This version doesn't allow this feature

  • Can I recieve Notifications when I need to order?

    We are currently working on an email that goes to the parent of the child when the order is made.

  • Is my order repeated every week?

    In the case that the menus are the same every week then it would be automatically repeated. Those where it is a month ahead will need to reorder.

  • How buy using bank transfer?

    We currently only accept Debit cards where available.

  • How to reset password?

    Use the reset password when logging on or you can change your password use the change password feature

  • Can we have mulitple parents ordering for a child?

    Yes, there is function to have up to 3 email addresses per child.

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